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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news where one day away from election day, the final day for the election -- campaign trail. it will be all hands on deck. emily schmidt is joining us with what brown mitt romney is hoping to be his path to victory. >> that romney has already wrapped up his first campaign event and what will be a very long day. he told reporters the 1 job until the election is to get out and vote because every vote counts. this race is too close to call. he is trying to reach those undecided voters in a deeply divided
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country. it romney is taking his final lap through the battleground to deny president obama a second term. >> has plans to take his ideas from the first term and do them all over again. he calls this plan for word. i call it for warned. >> president obama has a slight edge in the swing states. i allow ohio virginia and pennsylvania >> we would keep together with the help of pennsylvania >> many think romney cannot win without the buckeye state. and it has given the president an edge. >> he was against saving the auto industry and the state
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were one and eight jobs is connected to the auto industry. >> any day that that news media is not talking about the jobs and economy has a good day for brock obama. >> there's one more day to keep people focused on the president's record and try to convince people took to elect him as their new commander in chief. >> their to status and virginia done on to ohio and he will wrap up the night with their rally in new hampshire. paul ryan will be coming in from the west to spend time in ohio and iowa and and in wisconsin. a swing state that is also his home state. >> we'll continue our coverage with decision 2012 and the newsroom. >> they're both out in the presidential campaign making several stops. president
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obama and mitt romney are making several stops. here is what mitt romney had to say. >> tomorrow we began a new tomorrow. tomorrow we began of the better tomorrow. this nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow. your work is making a difference in the world is watching. people of america are watching. we can begin a better tomorrow tomorrow. with the help of the people in florida that is exactly what is going happen. >> the vice presidential candidates are also hitting the trail. vice president joe biden stopping in virginia and paul ryan will be stopping in colorado and nevada and ohio. international polls say 49 percent of voters support the president. it is all
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about the electoral college and the 270 delegates. the states to watch tomorrow evening are going to be virginia and florida ohio and north carolina wisconsin and nevada. we'll have extensive coverage of the election and all of the propositions of the presidential election and the local races starting at 8:00 when the polls close. you guessed at today at our web site @ kron4 .com as well as our 247 news channel. >> enjoy it warm weather last because tuesday is gonna be the last day of record-breaking numbers. i roof cam shows in downtown san francisco is a clear start to the morning. there is some ground fog in the north bay with temperatures sitting in the '50s. into the afternoon sunny and warm conditions were talking '80s
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not only am land but potentially along the coast. forecasting san francisco coming in at 80 degrees. it could break an old record set for november for a fifth back in 19 eighties. oakland redwood city are expected to break records there. a san jose could climb up to 83 degrees bridge and night record set in 1901. the full look at those numbers and when you need to pull out that umbrella coming up straight ahead. >> on the bay bridge is still a hot spot as you were to weigh in to san francisco. the start with a stall about an hour ago but the damage is done. the backup here has residual delays from the salt -- stall and is backed up to the 80 on 2580 westbound so give yourself extra time heading into center cisco. on the traffic that's he can see westbound 80 is crawling
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out of an old with the drive time from hercules the oakland is 34 minutes. it is still slow into the maze leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza so keep that in mind as you head into san francisco. traffic coming out of the north bay southbound 1 01 is crawling out of palo llama. there be a slow commute about 43 minutes from santa rosa and to nevada. by the time you reach the nevada side of one-on-one it picks up and moves well all the way up to the golden gate and than it is a good ride into san francisco. it is is crawling out of palo the my headed towards nevada. a full check coming up in just a bit. >> following developing news this morning after fremont there was an officer involved shooting that left one person dead. will tran is live on the scene with what happened >> the person that died as a 37 year-old man from san jose. it happened around 30 11:30 p.m. last night police
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officers are still here and collecting abbas evidence. what happened was the estranged husband showed up at his wife's house. she lived there with a roommate. something happened where the roommate felt the wife was in danger and she called the police department. when the police officers arrived they saw the man outside and fraught naked and holding a knife. the police officers tell them to drop the knife and he refused. that is one police officers opened fire and he was taken to hospital t later died. his name is not being released at this time. as far as traffic may have opened up one side of the roadway to allow traffic to go through. as far as the police officers they will be here for the next probably two to three hours. joining me now is about fernandez who lives near here. close enough or you could hear the gunshots? >> yes it was last night
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after a 11 and my wife and i were watching tv in the bedroom. all the sudden i heard rapid fire and i turned to my wife and said that sound like gunfire. we were listening enlisting and listening. we heard one police siren and then nothing. it seemed kind of strange that a quick shooting like that and only one siren. we hear sirens all the time here where they're chasing somebody. i did not get out to look to see anything but i told my wife those were not firecrackers. >> there's nothing wrong with your ears those were gun shots. we did not know how many shots were fired they will have to do ballistics test. the wife was on injured as well as the roommate. >> we are going to take a quick break, out here is a live look as we check the
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view from mt. tam as we look out over the bay clear skies this morning. mild temperatures but we are looking for unseasonably warm conditions this afternoon. it will feel more warm conditions this afternoon. it will feel more like sumthis is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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>> watching wall street crossing the wires the dow was up 49 right now. samsung
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announced they sold more than 30 million galaxy as three smart phones since gen. that makes it the fastest selling on ever. the runaway demand for the high and smart phones is fueling record profits for samsung and recent quarters. apple announces they sold 3 million ipad since friday. the ipad mini and fourth generation ipad were in stores on friday. they did not say which model, and members of the models were sold. according to the press release at the 3 million doubled the first record of one and a half million ipad when the third generation came out in march. we'll take a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues.
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of our north bay bally's. we have changes to talk about as we head into the middle of this week. future cast four shows into tall clock a lot of folks have lunch time off and '70s and the heart of the bay. a's 4 morgan hill and santa rosa. three p m we start to see more corn to indicating upper 80s. mostly sunny conditions with 84 on tap for mountain view 87 for los gatos and cupertino. in the east bay antioch's at 88 degrees walnut creek in san leandro pretty much everyone is in the same boat. upper 70's 80's with temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees warmer than seasonal average. 83rd downtown san francisco and had to the coast may be the beach 76 over at ocean beach. 7 day
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around the bay forecast shows sunny and warm conditions with a record- breaking numbers on tap for election day as well. you'll notice a cool down by wednesday when temperatures to drop about 10 degrees light rain on thursday and heading into friday as we see a cold front. we will be pretty light in nature but keep an umbrella handy and we will start to dry things out as we transition into the weekend. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is still a hot spot for those of you heading into san francisco. residual delays from a stall an hour ago and mixing in with regular morning commuters, take a look at what is done here backup. on to the 80 overpass into the oakland maze. give yourself a lot of extra time this morning had to sampras's go. your alternate for the east bay over to the peninsula the
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san mateo bridge ride westbound is crawling as you make the connection with the 880. another slow spot with drive times up at about 23 minutes from a work towards foster city. the golden gate bridge ride is doing just fine but there is some slow traffic coming out of the north bay. 1 01 south just before and after 37 is heavy but by the time you reach the goal in gate bridge that is a good commute into salmon cisco. 680 is stop and go. concord towards walnut creek is a slow spot, no problems along that stretch just off the commuter traffic. the ride coming from the awful lot has been slow throughout the morning with no major problems. traffic is moving less than 25 mi. per hour there is to give yourself extra time as a worker way from tracy towards pleasanton. south bay no problems there and look at your one-on-one as your heading for a sunnyvale, is
7:19 am
slow with lots of stop and go traffic as you work your way up to 237. it will continue up the peninsula looking pretty good towards a redwood city. >> the jury continues elaborations on the trial of a san jose elementary school principal who is accused of failing to report a teacher who was suspected of molesting students. landy's a thrawn was the present it principal when this during behavior was reported about the teacher. the teacher craig chandler is facing charges now. a crime lab found his seamen on a class room chair. jurors will continue its deliberations on the principle at about 930 this morning. san leandro couple of arrested for shooting and the marina district appear for arraignment today. 33 year-old opened fire on a 23 year-old man had an argument
7:20 am
over a costume party and then took off in a car driven by the 26 year old. the pair was arrested a short time later and the victim went to the hospital with threat life-threatening head injuries. >> prepare cross the picket line as much as 7000 workers are striking for a second day today. there is video from earlier this morning of about a dozen workers in alameda. railey officials are objecting to add allegations and condition... they need to cut costs and what is a fiercely competitive market. they have closed five stores in the past year and have seen every opening or expansion of about 249 union stores in those markets since 2008.
7:21 am
hopefully, they'll the water turned into a panic as rescuers had to rescue a foot boat. five people were thrown in the water including two children. rescue helicopters found the five clinging to the whole of the overturned boat. there were two children trapped inside the boat and they had to cut a hole to get the children out. you can see them tearing the children out and carried into an ambulance. they were treated for hypothermia at a nearby hospital. everyone else seems to be ok. officials say no one was wearing a life jacket. >> police chief told brighton spent more than 30 years working in law enforcement as the last five of those years leading the walnut creek police department. he says it is now time to move on. he plans to help higher in the police chief to replace him.
7:22 am
he is expected to step down in the next six to eight months. fairfield police are looking for two people involved in a series of mail fast. a man and woman driving a nissan four-door sedan that you see here are connected. there is a rerun for their them taking the man right out of the box and then taking off. they just took the male and left. if you live in that area you're advised to check your mail on a daily basis and maybe even have the post office holder deliveries if you're going out of town even for a couple of days. >> we are to take a break in here is a live look for you from the south bay. the 1 01 is getting ready is backing up and the southbound direction. we will be back in a minute. oq
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that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, get a super low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! and charmin is $11.99 for 30 rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> polls show the race for the president is a dead heat. these think is going to be that close winds voters go to the polls? we posed a that on our kron4 facebook page. a lot of passionate >> it won't be a landslide but obama will win. >> won't even be close, romney will have 320 + electoral votes.
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>> i can't wait for this to all be over, i am so sick of it. >> gas prices are looking better, going down around the bay area. the continued drop little by little and it adds up. san francisco is averaging $4.13 a gallon and that is the highest price in the nation but that is the way it goes around here. the national average is $3.47. it that is down 29¢ since late last month. prices should continue to fall. we have seen the sharpest drop since to thousand eight we should see it turn a 20 more sense shaved off and the next couple of weeks. >> here is a shot from our roof cam as we look over downtown san francisco. over
7:27 am
all we're looking at a great looking weather system overhead. warm temperatures today, unseasonably warm and we will have a full look at that forecast and a moment.
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taken as live look at our mt. tam cam. this is a story and whether. it is clear and warm and hot. we will see eighties and above today. this is crazy for november. >> we can actually get pretty close to that 90 degree mark. clear and sunny conditions with a record- breaking numbers into the afternoon. tomorrow is pretty much the same story with temperatures in the upper '70's low 80s. looking ahead into wednesday we will see clear whether of wet weather by thursday and by
7:30 am
friday temperatures at a seasonably cool as we head into the weekend. more details coming up on it that in a future report. downtown san for cisco 80 degrees 83 for san jose and we will show you the extended forecast coming up. >> traffic has yet to loosen up the evidence is salmon cisco. still slow commute all of the approaches leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza. it will be a slower ride up the incline in to san francisco. it started with a stall from a long time ago although it is i the way it is still inching along for a ride to the city. traffic tracker is picking up slowing on the nimitz freeway. an accident at 880 south and said quickly jammed up your ride. southbound ride really busy in both directions between downtown oakland in the coliseum. give yourself extra time. the nimitz as
7:31 am
you are carry southbound from san leandro and to hayward just before to 38 big stars to bunch up here. 92 as low the price of 92 will be busy across across the san mateo bridge. if you continue southbound toward canadian city it will be is stop and go right for you there. it loosens up before you reach fremont. >> developing news out of the fremont area were all for send all shooting has left one person dead. will tran has been falling this story all morning long. >> they are still here eight hours after it happened. they're walking in and out of this particular, the town house and we will zoom in on that. police officers are starting to let more cars go through here. they are reducing the number of investigators said they could be gone pretty sound. the estranged husband showed up to this house on
7:32 am
announced and got into some sort of confrontation where the wives roommate was forced to call the police. the police showed up and he was outside the house at that time he was naked and brandishing a knife. the police told him to drop the knife, he refused and that is when they opened fire. they took into the hospital where he later died. all we know is that he has a 37 year-old man from san jose. why he was naked? we do not know that. the boys have asserted the only person i really knows that would be a strange wives. she was on injured but is currently being interviewed by investigators. this is quite commotion in this neighborhood. and joining me is cam lives right across the street >> i did not see anything, i was in bed at the time. about 1130 i heard gunshots and my wife and i were in
7:33 am
bed and she jumped out of bed to see what was going on. it was just shot, fast- paced almost like popcorn but very very loud. shortly after that i heard a woman screaming sounded very distraught and that was drowned out by the sirens. police showed up very quickly. you or your wife put out the window? my wife and brother looked out the window but i was still in bed. police are cross the street pretty frequently so i did not think too much about it at the time. >> 2 police officers, was a 20 year veteran in the other a three-year veteran and they have been placed on administrative leave. the woman's name is not being released but the public information officer says that perhaps more
7:34 am
interracial, long as they continue to interview her. >> we are also had a fire at a strip mall and pleasanton. this happened earlier this morning are actually overnight in pleasant hill. kron4 is jackie sissel has been out there as they investigate this. they said it looks suspicious for a pretty clear reason. >> the magic touch salon on the 500 block of contra costa alice ave and the last couple of minutes. we have also seen employees checking out the damage. the fire started around 1130 last night according to the contra costa county. they saw smoke and flames inside the building and the window was busted out. it went to a single alarm fire that we they were able to put out relatively quickly. it only
7:35 am
took about 20 minutes. that was when firefighters discovered a bottle with a suspicious some sense sitting out front of the building. that bottle their. odyssey that heighten the injury curiosity of the investigators. -- obviously we talk to the investigator this morning >> at this point we're still determining the cause of the fire. we have determined where it started the we're sifting through layers of fire debris looking for any evidence that will indicate to us what actually caused the fire. >> they say their plan to take that bottle and the contents and do analysis on that. the good news is no one was inside the building when the fire broke out. no one was hurt. also you could
7:36 am
see it's a strip mall but none of the buildings nearby were affected by the fire. the inside of the salon does look like maybe a total loss though. >> can they tell you if they think this is a targeted hit or something in random? >> they are being pretty tight lid on this investigation as far as that goes. they take the evidence that they find but they start the investigation from ground zero. they do not want to be influenced by any outside sources the right now is very early. they have evidence of these single bottle of suspicious liquid inside but they will start the investigation at ground zero and move out. >> a man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries this morning after being hit by car in santa rosa yesterday. 49 year-old robert brian mckee was crossing the road just before 1230 in the morning when he was struck by the car. the person fled the scene but was arrested a
7:37 am
short time later after witnesses inform the police. off officials think that alcohol was a factor in that crash. a one-year-old girl was brought to the hospital shortly after noon yesterday who was airlifted to children's hospital oakland where she underwent emergency surgery for a single gunshot wound. police say they are unaware of how that child was shot the they think it may be a drive-by shooting. >> what is going to happen in this building in the race for congress? the latest numbers show the house of representatives 178 democrats and 200 + republicans. that looks like the republicans will retain control of the house of representatives. the u.s. senate has 48 democrats and 44 republicans. there are eight seats up for grabs and the latest projections have
7:38 am
four wins for the democrats and four for the republicans. that would keep the democrats in control of the u.s. senate and keep congress split. we will see what happens tomorrow night with our extended election coverage starting at 8:00. he can also stay updated at our web site at kron4 .com as well as our facebook and twitter fees. >> we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. monday morning and we're looking at sunshine everywhere. take a look of the approach of the bay bridge, it is going to be a hot one. we will be right back.
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>> we are learning just how much money is stanford's school school district lost 1000 kids to school to a chance last week's giants parade. the school district sent out letters urging the parents to keep their children in school. the missing children caused the
7:42 am
district to lose over a hundred thousand dollars. are rare vote received a hundred percent of it is the message. because a row the states if the suspended players left off the roster for more than 10 games after his suspension the players should receive the full share. the giants played 11 games after he was eligible to come back. he'll get a chunk worth about $300,000 despite not playing a single game in the playoffs. a lot of this barbarous satisfied with them. >> will be back and a couple of mass and we'll be talking about football today with gary radnich. a live look of the san mateo bridge, look at all that sunshine and the traffic looks like it is moving.
7:43 am
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emm >> expect '80s not only in land but around the coast as well. unseasonably warm weather, already clear conditions and sunshine as we take a look from the golden gate bridge this morning. as a mild start out the door 60 in oakland 53 in san jose. take a look at satellite and radar and it tells is a bigger story. high pressure is firmly in control and that is why temperatures are so warm.
7:46 am
not only today but as we head into tomorrows temperatures anywhere between 15 and 20 degrees compared to what were used to. future cast four shows a tall clock '70s and '80s are around the bay and by 3:00 p.m. we start to see more orange for some of our north bay east bay and south bay spots. indicating temperatures second to climb from the mid to upper 80s. santa rosa 89 there and 79 in richmond. low eighties for the delta air and livermore valley 77 in daly city. if you want to get out and enjoy the beach is probably the last few days to do that for the year. for santa cruz upper 70's for monterey as the side of the coastline the database 74 degrees at 76 and ocean beach and pacifica coming in at 79 degrees. 7 day around the bay shows want weather
7:47 am
and election day and cooler by wednesday. thursday and friday approaching from the gulf of alaska with that we will see some light rain on tap. malays sunny but cooler conditions as we head into the weekend. >> traffic heading into san francisco is still jammed up by the bay bridge and is still a hot spot. for about two hours ago we had eight stall but now we have regular commuters. the drive time is anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes just to get out of oakland into san francisco. give yourself lots of extra time there. san mateo bridge eased down as moving fine but the westbound side and the right-hand side as slow. there are no problems across the span is just typical commute traffic but it is about to 20 next as a worker way towards foster city.
7:48 am
flowing southbound and to san francisco moving well across the bridge but if you plan traveling out of about know the north bay give yourself extra time the 1 01 on the palo side is heavy going. southbound ride is also jammed up from about zero around i will 37. often in asia bridge and headed towards a martinez area is kind of slow. once again up towards the 242 stretch is quite to be heavy as well merging onto highway 680.
7:49 am
7:50 am
what if r g three its rookie of the year and andrew luck para who told you mvp. >> who has done more to their tamer than andrew luck for the colts. but remember it socked for local/year. what about peyton manning. >> what if i am just jump in the gun and try to have an early morning brawl. i am not saying it is impossible but i just cannot see indianapolis being one of the better teams at the end of the year. i think they will be good. i like to look for rookie of the year. we
7:51 am
will convene an early january. >> off did you have time in your busy football schedule to watch saturday at the college dance. i tell you the truth. i am so fascinated with the election i am having a hard time doing my job. >> the oregon ducks and did an amazing job. it was more like a battle--a basketball score. >> i turn on the score and said what is that. usc and oregon was wide open. oregon is good and it makes me wonder for years and years if you were a west coast kid and good at what you did you want to go to usc. now you wonder oregon. you g organ is nice country but man they have talent and a stack it. they have three good players at every offensive position. >> if you are captivated
7:52 am
with the election tonight your world collide because you have both president obama and mitt romney making statements during this interview on monday at halftime during the football game. >> i hate to say it that when they do those things at a sporting event you talk about saying nothing. >> have these guys campaign for about two years now it says about even. >> sports world colliding you have the redskins and the incumbent loses. then you have the world series rule if giants went then democrats man. >> you have time to look that stuff up. >> they hold true. >> all right all right. >> i would prefer to drive a bus and drag a people to oppose the way to see the
7:53 am
won the football game. >> from my respective side. have you ever seen anything this fascinating. if you look at both are romney and obama last night they've looked dead tired. >> o my gosh. we are doing live shots after the commercial we have all kinds of live shots we are showing them campaigning down to the wire. bruce springsteen will be playing for obama at his things today. >> off the cheapest thing to say is take that billion dollars the two are spending and advertising both sides and go help someone. >> for the children gary. >> all right we will see you. we will be right back.
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thousands of people packed the shoreline for the old mill cold water classic. what of the biggest surfing the events of the year. it
7:57 am
will continue this morning it started again about 6:30 a.m.. is to wrap up sometime tomorrow. organizers say is today's crop was one of the biggest since it was started in the '80s. current world leader joe parkinson lobbied--jason collins in round two the waves they say some of the best. the surfers and the competition ever seen. >> will take a quick break at 7:57 a.m. when we come back on the kron 4 morning news will have the latest from both campaigns as dependenwe enter the last day. t was a search and rescue nightmare for a group of pop
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news a a.m. stars now. >> good morning now we are less than a day away from america making the decision on who will be president is the final date on the trail for the candidates. president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney and their counterparts on the ticket hitting 14 advance to day. in eight states. hoping to win last-minute support as they go into the race a dead heat. emily schmidt. >> that romney told the crowd in florida they have one shot left before election day. get people to get out and vote. every vote is going to be important as we move toward election day. the race considered too close to call. mitt romney is looking for the undecided voters who were
8:01 am
made to try and tilt the race. >> one more day. that was the chant from the crowd that greeted republican candidate mitt romney at the first campaign of the last day of the campaign trail. one more day until they would like to see him voted president collect. florida a battleground state with 29 electorial boats. >> weaken began a better tomorrow small. with the help of the people in florida that is exactly what is going to happen. >> national polls show the race is deadlocked. and the swing states president obama has a slight edge. but today romney turns its focus to the crucial swing state of ohio. >> everybody knows he was against saving the auto industry were one and eight jobs are connected to the all american auto industry. >> last month we lost 12,800 jobs in ohio. we are glad
8:02 am
hour on employment levels are below the national average but we do not think is good enough. >> last week superstar runs sandy took its toll on ron his momentum. >> now romney has one more day to focus on the president's record and convince a divided electorate that status to favor him. >> mitt romney is about one hour away from his second of five scheduled spots. he will be focusing on ohio virginia and in new hampshire after florida. paul ryan will be in nevada colorado ohio and ending up in wisconsin. in every battle crossed it shows the race is to close call. >> let's take a look at both canada's route the morning as they make their campaign staffs. here's more from mitt romney.
8:03 am
>> tomorrow we began a new tomorrow. tomorrow we began a better tomorrow. this nation is going to began to change for the better tomorrow. your work is making a difference. the people of the world are watching. if the people of america watching we could began a better tomorrow tomorrow and with the help of the people in florida that is exactly what is going to happen. >> as the running mates make their rounds of joe biting stopping and sterling in reaching richmond, virginia. >> and new cnn poll shows the race a dead heat 48 percent of likely voters said they support president. the same number say they back mitt romney. remember it is not about the general collection is about the electorial college. will be counting delegates will have more from of our political analyst michael yaki coming up in a moment.
8:04 am
>> starting tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. we will have the latest on the presidential congressional and local races. you can see the results on as well as our facebook and twitter pages. >> the weather may catch off guard. it will be pretty want to day erica pretty >> that is right daria almost 20 degrees warmer than we're used to. it could be a shocker temperatures are relatively mild now we are talking it is around the bay. as we get into the afternoon will have sunny warm conditions. temperatures to climb into the low '80s not only i nland and coastal spots as well. santa rosa 89 also breaking one in 1980. san jose i am predicting it will climb to 83 degrees which would break an old record set back in 1901. she has
8:05 am
not been this woman over a century. the full list of the numbers coming up in a bid. >> robyn. >> the morning traffic headed to san francisco has been busy since the 6:00 a.m. hour. another spot at into your back up. the spa was cleared because of an early install. a tough commute traffic backed up into the maze on to your approaches. we have to stalls out there it has yet to recover give yourself extra time to san francisco. the east shore busy of albany westbound 580 merging into san francisco. your altamonte there is an excellent working westbound 92 at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. bridge crews on the way chp on the way one lane is blocked and that the left lane. one should get to that incident you will see the usual stop and go traffic for westbound 92 as you work your way across the span heading out toward foster city. >> thank you robyn. a. 05 a
8:06 am
m to develop the story out of fremont where there was an officer shooting. one person was killed kron force for the lastest news and traffic comcast 193 digital channel 4.2--will trend has been live on the scene. >> it happened eight and half hours ago right now it is impacting the hundreds if not thousands of people. here is the reason why. you can see investigators are still here collecting evidence. we just saw them rolled out a suitcase from the house. the reason why it is affecting so many people because traffic is reduced you can see it there. for a while they shut this down completely on central avenue. we do know that this took place at 11:30 p.m. last night. the estranged husband showed up unannounced. the wife was living here with a roommate. for whatever reason the roommate felt the wife was threatened she call the police. police officers quickly arrive when they
8:07 am
got to the seen this man was outside he was naked he was holding a knife. police officers told him to drop the knife he refused and that is 12 police officers opened fire. he was taken to the hospital but later died. nobody inside the house was injured nor were the police officers injured. these were not ready police officers. instead one officer had 20 years' work experience. another with three years' work experience. that you daria. >> thanks a lot will. >> temperatures continue to warm up with a good-looking day. now back on standard time and look at temperatures in san francisco looks like the one today. will have them for you coming up. and check of our weather forecast in six minutes.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
stocks slightly lower in earlier trading. although we have turned slightly positive the dow up about five points now. we see mixed trading. before the opening bell wall street traders were skeptical. the focus on finances in greece and the uncertainty what will happen about the u.s. election there is hesitation. we had the
8:11 am
institute for supply management say that service a company is expanding in october but at a slightly slower pace. investors taking a backseat watching what's happening. not getting too deep we will follow the numbers. >> in other business news apple announcing it has sold 3 million i had sensed friday. the ipad mini. the company did not say how many of each of the two different models it sold. the majority of customers lined up on friday were buying the new many. 3 million units double the previous record of 1.5 million. bp gas prices around the bay area. >> the average price is at $4.13. >> san jose at 3.94. on a
8:12 am
national scale of it is down to $3.47. down 29¢ since late last month. it is the biggest to we drop we've seen in four years. unfortunately those in san francisco were detained the highest amount across the country. gas prices are likely to drop 10 to 20¢ per gallon in the next series. >> the time is 8:12 a.m. we are focused on the weather because we're looking at hot one. the heat will pop for today and tomorrow. we are looking at 20 degrees more than we would normally see. right now the temperatures are in the upper 50s may be 60 degrees in your neighborhood. we will look at maybe 80-82 for the hottest spots. maybe 83. we will be around with our team coverage of the weather. back with our political expert now less than one day until you cast your vote. we will be right back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. >> all combat. for the election a lot and decided it may not be decided tomorrow. >> michael yaki is here talkinga is your talking about the election. >> we are reducing loss was in florida over the early voting. >> basically what you have
8:16 am
in florida is a situation where you have republican secretaries of state. this is why down about offices means something. here in ohio, pennsylvania, and florida republican secretary of state who are that put it bluntly try to do their best to stop early voting curtail it. things that they know given the advantage to democrats. you have also gone on and all three states in dealing with provisional ballantine early voting, convene the polls opened. you will see also in denver and colorado to keep the polls open after 8:00 p.m. on tuesday night. this is just what is to be expected. the lawyers basically do it for free. that is interesting because they cut back the early voting. >> the lines were four hours long for the polls on saturday. the polls are closed on sunday but a lot of polling places decided to open which was their legal
8:17 am
right to give people a chance to vote. >> some of them had to go to court to get them open. it is exciting to see that people actually want to get out the vote. this is a big part of both parties strategies. for both princeton in getting people to the pope. >> you have to look at the line. there has to be a limit on what is reasonable to wait. especially if you are in older retired persons. you have to take four hours of your day to send a sense of. >> it does especially when you are basically casting the most important thing that you have. the ability to vote change government and have your voice to be heard. >> we will see what will happen with these losses it appears more and more likely that we will not know the president of the nine states is tomorrow. >> if you once asked my opinion i think we will. i think the chances are pretty good but, if the margin is within half a point in a state like caller or by war or wisconsin or any of the key states there might be a
8:18 am
recount. yes we may not know because of automatic recount will force the whole thing to be done. there will be waiting for days. >> and you talk about the key states we look at the polls and the margin. it is like everything seems like a dead heat until you go look at the key states and it looks like roddy has been able to make an impact. the romney campaign the state polls all skewed. despite the fact that if you look at the last of the polls. 20 polls that set 25 post came out 19 favored obama only 3 favorite romney. if they are basically saying there is all the other side of on a break to romney. republicans are predicting a romney landslide. you do not know what people may or may not do. saw a lot of advertising this weekend during football games by american crossroads' campaign. they
8:19 am
have a lot of money and putting it out there. >> they sell shares to predict future of its. to win a dollar is $6.72 for obama to win. it is $3.30 a share for mitt romney to lane. that is to to one with president obama with the money betting going long could you put any stock of debt. >> they tend to reflect where the voters are going the fact is that the american people for the most part think obama is going to win. now the interesting thing locally is a whole thing a brown proposition 30-32. there was a $11 million storm then in favor of proposition 32. i think they will try to defy it all through the election. >> a lot to follow and michael will be joining us tomorrow. >> thank you michael.
8:20 am
>> 828 in is the time. >> good morning is shaping up to be a gorgeous day around the bay area. yesterday was in one. expect temperatures to client anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees today. it is a mile start low 60s out the door and hayward. 60 in around you. satellite and radar shows clear conditions in the bay area with high- pressure firmly in control. we will continue to see it record-breaking numbers into tomorrow. futurecast 4 sets into motion seventies low '80s by lunchtime. as we headed to 3:00 p.m. we will see more in the wake of orange indicating mid to upper 80s for our east bay, south bay, and north bay spots. get those shorts and tank tops out. 84 degrees and out of you. 874 cupertino and los gatos. to
8:21 am
the east bank for sunny conditions low '80s for fear of your caucus. 83 castro valley. 82 in pleasanton. in the north bay and the gore people day petaluma at 84. the 89 close to 90 in santa rosa. climbing to the low '80s for downtown san francisco. 81 for berkeley your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a record- breaking temperatures on tap for election day as well. cooler conditions a drastic sharp change by wednesday. thursday and friday we have the potential for light rain. dry conditions for saturday and sunday. >> good morning the bay bridge toll plaza still a hot spot because the on system is slow for about three hours. try to get into san francisco. take a look at the back up we have not had any major problems we have had to stalls one of the s curve one year the inside. back up into the
8:22 am
oakland maze on to a 80 on 2580 and the east shore freeway. in fact less which to the traffic map this is a ride on westbound 80 trying to get to the east shore into the maze of to the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up all the way to highway 4. which is in hercules. after coming from hercules to the bays and to the city give yourself time. westbound 92 is down to one lane they have that out of the way but it has added to your slow traffic westbound out hayward in foster city. a stop and go ride s we had out to highway 101. across the golden gate bridge five. a slow commute coming from the north bay on south 101 ride around 116 getting into petaluma. once you get to the bridge--switching to the east bay a tough commute on 680. in both directions we
8:23 am
had earlier accidents. the ride is slow north and southbound on 680 as you work your way up to highway 580. >> thank you robyn. the kron for more is-that the kron 4 morning news continues we will keep watch on the san mateo bridge and the temperatures were we will approach record highs.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
welcome back. eight states city and county level, reducing managers including san francisco are heading back east to assist the road to recovery from sandy. the personnel are going to be in hawthorne york this all being coordinated through the amarna see management compact. allows states to share a mergers your resources. the south bashan army bad the salvation army has got to the east coast to help provide food and shelter for victims of the storm. the organization says on a daily basis more than 100,000 people are receiving their meals. many of their food trucks are stationed across the nation and available to be deployed at a moment's notice. the salvation army says the monetary donations the best thing you can do to assist with the disaster relief efforts. if you would like to donate you can visit the salvation army's what side. >> the reformation from the
8:27 am
national atmosphere oceanic manila king and new jersey the before and after pictures all of the beach homes were wiped out. ocean city maryland and jersey shore. the last picture showing s.i. york. >> an update on the forecast coming up after the break temperatures a warming up and warming up an hour earlier. we are no longer on daylight savings time. it is a 27 and now and the temperatures will be sorry to day looking for record highs of around the bay more on the forecast for your neighborhood coming up in a minute as the kron 4 morning neighborhood coming up in a min[ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached
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8:30 am
>> welcome back is a 20 9:00 a.m.. here's a look from our mount tam cam. >> that is right daria. clear and sunny conditions will persist. we are on the move to break records not only today but as we head into tomorrow as well. it is amid weak for such as he changes by thursday it actually gets showers. focus our attention on today here is a look at your afternoon highs. 80 degrees for downtown to a to scope. 82 in oakland. san jose could climb to 83 degrees breaking an old record set back in 1901 i will have more on your warm weather expect to day coming up in my next report robyn. >> thank you erica so far no change in your commute into seven cisco. it has been slow throughout the morning it is still slow insulin hot spot. this back up here into the oakland maze. you can see traffic sitting here on the 880 of a crossing. we have to stalls are both long gone but the back up,
8:31 am
stalls mixed in with a regular commuters equal a lot of slow traffic. the approach is still jammed up 580 the seashore, the nimitz freeway. give yourself lots of extra time. a tough commute coming out of tracy the altamonte pass of dead- on to livermore. it will take you two hours to get to 205 of to highway 680 and dublin. another slow spot give yourself lots of extra time. traffic coming up in just a minute. >> thank you robyn. for a developing story with an officer shooting in a fremont one man is dead. will tran is joining us. >> is a 37 year-old man from san jose. the estranged husband showed up unannounced at his wife's home. the wife was living with a roommate. a couple of police officers still here waiting for the cleanup crew so they can leave. here is video that we caught overnight. this started
8:32 am
around 11:30 p.m.. for the roommate for whatever reason, felt that the estranged wife was in danger that is when she called the police department. the police department arrived a few minutes later. that is when they noticed the man was outside the house naked. he was brandishing a knife. two police officers told him to drop the knife to refuse. they felt threatened and that is when they opened fire. he was taken to the hospital but later died. we got a chance to talk to people who live around here. this scene and just cleared about 10 minutes ago. while it was here lot of commotion lot of people talking. here's what to people at the same. >> i heard to rapid gunfire sounded like an automatic weapon. two quick shots and in one shot after the police sirens. i told her that is not firecrackers that is an automatic rifle.
8:33 am
>> i hear gunshots and i go to my mom and i say did you hear that. she said yes. out of nowhere and their girls green. >> the wife was not injured the roommate was not injured nor with the two police officers who combined have 23 years' experience. coming up at 9:00 a.m. we will have a bit sf will get a little closer significance of to the neighbors. back to you mark. >> at 8:33 a.m. we have developing news we are following out of pleasant hill where they are investigating a fire that happened at a strip mall. they say it was suspicious. kron 4 is jackie sissel is live tell us why. good morning jacket. >> you can see the owner of the salon along with fire investigators and the costa county fire investigative unit are still out here at the magic touch salon. the 500 block of contra costa boulevard and pleasant hill. they said the fire broke out around a 11:40 p.m.. that is
8:34 am
on the call came in. when crews arrived at salon they saw smoke and flames inside of the building. there were able to knock down the flames relatively quickly. once they knocked down the flames that is when they discovered a bottle with a suspicious liquid sitting outside of the building itself. that is the bottle there. they believe that there may be some combustible liquid inside the bottle. obviously they called fire investigators out to the scene at that point. calling the fire suspicious. we did have a chance to talk to the fire investigators from the contra costa county fire district. he talked about the investigation there conducted. >> at this point we're working still on determining the cause of the fire and where it started. we are sifting two layers of fire debris in looking for any evidence that will indicate to us what actually caused the fire. >> the good news is
8:35 am
obviously because of the late hour no one was hurt. none of the businesses nearby were affected by the fire. what they did was took the contents of the bottle they will take it back to the lab, analyze it, and determine what is inside a bottle. obviously very suspicious in nature. >> on a sunday night at 1130 or so no one will be a hair salon but i thought you said there was a bar. was there anyone there and did they see anything. >> off they are not saying whether anyone from the bar saw anything. there is a bar next door with a beer bottle that had the suspicious liquid inside. obviously there will be part of the investigation. >> thank you jacket. >> mostly election they talk is senator brown race for president. the senate also see a power shift. democrats currently control 50 season under member chamber prefer 48 solid democrats 44 republican. eight seats are up for grabs. now with the a
8:36 am
44 split. that would mean that democrats would main control of the u.s. senate by two. as far as the house of representatives is concerned it was an early push by democrats to try and take back control of the house but with 178 republicans and only 33 seats up for grabs it does appear that republicans will maintain control of the house of representatives. in all likelihood will see a split congress continued. a reminder on kron 4 will have extended coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. we will have the latest of a local races and propositions. we have more informations on our website at >> other bay area news we are following a man is in the hospital this morning with life-threatening injuries after he was struck by a car and santa rosa. 49 your all robert mckee was crossing the road a route 12:30 p.m. when it struck by
8:37 am
a car the driver fled the scene but was arrested later after being identified by witnesses. police believe out always a factor in accident. >> a live look at the bay bridge were talking a bit back up. the was a hot spot earlier. look at the beautiful blue sky was it temperatures climb. in oakland is 60. 77 at noon. high close to a record at 82 later this afternoon. we will be right c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c11
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> some even stated that he should just donate the money that he is getting to charity. >> we will share more of your thoughts on this decision. we will be right back with more of our headlines.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> we are back at we are
8:45 am
following the latest with the decision 2012. president obama will be stepping to the podium. we're in the final 24 hours of the election day. the attendance are pulling all the stops and that would like to persuade some of the boulders. >voters. >> we went to the civil- rights struggle and the peace movement. we played in east berlin before the berlin wall fell. >> the president a get is expected to be at the podium and will try to bring you his comments when that
8:46 am
happens. >> he will be going to--he is expected to lead and chicago are round midnight. we will come back when he stepped to the podium. >> with the election tomorrow here is a recap of some of the memorable moments that were along the way. >> (cheers & applause)
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> pretty much this is what the world will be doing today. i
8:49 am
think bruce springsteen is now singing. >> president obama ran last time as a man of hope and change. >> he is a big supporter of president obama. >> we will switch gears to the weather. >> all this clear and golden gate bridge is looking good. >> it is clear conditions and not only will we see record-breaking convicticonditis will also see this as we head into an election day.
8:50 am
downtown san francisco was as 62 degrees. concord is at 54 degrees. there are clear conditions over the bay area and temperatures could climb to the upper 80s as we head into afternoon. by lunchtime we are talking about 70 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. there will be more corniche on the screen and temperatures will climb to the upper 80s. as we take a look at the beach forecast it is low 80s for santa cruz. as was light up the coastline near checkout it looks like ocean beach will be as 76 degrees. enjoy the
8:51 am
warm weather while you can. the current conditions for wednesday will be light rain associated with--it will be upper 50s and more in the way of sunshine and drier weather as we head into the weekend. it is now a 50 1:00 a.m.. >> the weather is nice today and we do have a new trouble spot in the east bay. this is highway 680 south bond. if this is a two car crash and one of the cars have flipped over. the three first lines are shut down. they hope to have this clear within the next 30 minutes. i would definitely keep you updated. we already have so
8:52 am
traffic for yourself bound traffic this is just one to add to what. this is definitely in hot spot in the northbound traffic is not going to good. check-in traffic into san francisco it is still slow and we do have two stalls that have now been cleared up. yet you have a alternates if you are coming from the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 is adding to your back up. it is 36 minutes or drive time out of hayward. you're right across the golden gate is
8:53 am
looking pretty good. it is a little slow on the new bottle side. >> now we have a bruce springsteen. we will be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> we're back it is a 50 6:00 a.m. >> president obama has now stepped up to th's take a look e had to say. >> i had a chance to visit new jersey and every day i
8:57 am
have been talking to mayor's, governors and local people. we mourn those lives that have been lost. whenever i talk to people if i tell them the same thing that i say when tragedy affects american families. the american people come together and make a commitment. we will walk with these people who lives have been upset. we will carry one no matter how bad the storm was. >> he is not going to talk long and he is behind schedule because he was supposed to leave about 8:55 a.m.. we will be right back with more updates.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> thank you for rejoining us on this monday november 5, 2012. >> the final day of campaign stops are on the way for president obama and mitt romney. the focus will be on for the battleground states. emily is joining us live from boston. >> hello from boston. we are hearing the sound system and they're putting up the lights. by the time mitt romney arrived here tomorrow all of his campaigning will be over. he stated that this is his final job is to have people get out the vote. this is designed to how
9:01 am
close this boat is in a deeply divided country. >> this was the chance from the crowd at the first campaign event of his last day. one more day until they would like to see him go as president elect. florida is a battle ground states. >> we can't begin a better tomorrow, to mark. with the help from the people from florida we can do this. national polls show that this election is dead blocked. >> the federal bailout of the car makers have gave the president and a edge. >> everybody know that he was against saving the car industry. >> republican stated that romney has a chance. >> we lost a lot of jobs last month and our
9:02 am
unemployment numbers are below. we do not think this is good enough. >> super storms and they took a toll on romney's momentum. >> this is a good day for barack obama. >> romney has one more day to convince people to hire him as the commander in chief. >> mitt romney will be at his second scheduled events. the romney campaign stated that virginia is a critical state to win. he is leaving paul ryan to handle other states. this is a swing state and it happens to be paul ryan is home state and the republicans hope that he can get that state one.
9:03 am
>> a new cnn poll comes out states that the poll has 49 percent supporting the president of the same number support the mitt romney. >> we expect a vice president joe biden to speak here and like the president he has a busy schedule as well. at 7:00 p.m. he is six expected to be in virginia. the two of them will travel to delaware and that wake- up and weight the results as they come in. >> and do not forget that we will have special coverage beginning at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. >> it will be so hot. new
9:04 am
>> you have to enjoy the warm weather paulette last. it is a sunny start as you head out thwhile it lasts. you want to go out and get dinner on the patio because this is the night to do what. the temperatures right now in downtown sampras's go is as 62 degrees. oakland is san francisco is at 62 degrees. it will be low 80s for downtown san francisco and this will be a record high. even in daly city's will be in the upper 70's.
9:05 am
we will let you know how long does he weigh will lathis heat wave will last. >> this is south bound 680 and there is a two car crash and one car flipped over. at one point they had all three lanes shut down the this is no longer the case. it is just the far left lane now carry it they hope to have this cleared up shortly but it is jamming up your drive. this would just add to your back up. as soon as you head highway to 42 you will see that it slows down. of course when you get out to the boland your sidbollinger siu
9:06 am
have to give yourself extra time. >> an officer involved shooting in fremont leaves one person dead. >> new information has been passed along that the police department has rolled up the yellow tape. neighbors tell us that he is 37 years old and that he is a father of two children. the children were inside the home when the shots took place. this was about 11:30 p.m. last night and here's bill that we received. the police officers arrived on the scene after the roommate called the police department. she felt threatened and she called the police department. once they arrived they realize that the man was naked and
9:07 am
he was carrying a knife. they met him outside and he was told to drop his weapon and he refused. the police opened fire on him and he was taken to the hospital and he later passed away. his name has not yet been released. the neighbors are upset because the roommate overreacted and called the police department and they stated that they did not hear any arguing between the estranged wife or the man. they stated that a woman should never called and at this point we do not know why he was naked and what led to this confrontation. i can tell you that the roommate and the estranged wife and two officers were not injured. >> coming up on crime morning news it 915 kron 4 newsl
9:08 am
have the winners anup on kron 4e will have the winners and losers with rob black at 9:15 a.m..
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> sheet was a principal and e was a principal and she never reported misconduct by this teacher. >> more than 7000 workers are striking. here is the deal from a dozen workers who walked out. they stated that they were bargaining in bad faith and. they stated that they need to cut cost and this sacramento based chain has closed five stores within the past year and they stated that day-- >> as the kron 4 news
9:12 am
continue we are watching to presidential candidates out across the nation with several stops. >> (cheers & applause) >> we know what the future requires but we also know that it will not be easy. back in 2008 we talked about it and sometimes people--i said back then and when i talk about change i am not talking about just changing presidents i am talking about change in how our politics work.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> welcome back we are watching wall street with rob black. >> we have been watching the drama with net leaks. net flicks. >> it is a big big problem because whoever buys them-- it may be apple or amazon.
9:16 am
this will get their foothold in the business. it might be verizon, google or microsoft. >> wasn't a matter of shifting? >>the other services and it is kind of for the younger people not the older people. it is a nice company and as stashed >>. >> this model s is a good
9:17 am
model car. i think daria saw one and she said it was also nice looking. >> they are selling all 250 of them. this is throwster but the new one is beautifa roadster but the new oe is beautiful. >> they did give more cars out that what they expected and their revenue is up. they are going into the right direction but in the end they make a car that is- stashed >> apple did sell a lot i pass within the past three days but we're not sure if
9:18 am
it was the ipad mini. apple's stock has been getting hit lately and the raising pigs is due to bad- 18 months ago they could turn any thing into a bucket of chicken but they have now been having mrs.. they do napa have a dominant tablets market. they say that day they may gain the markt backed the they have a sentiment problem. people are starting to question them. >> taylor's what is worth a lot of money. she is worth
9:19 am
a hundred and 56 billion she is 22 years old and she is making it up more for everyone else. >> she wrote the some four rob black never ever. >> we are talking about a lot of sunshine and record- breaking temperatures. this little heat wave will last for a few days. tomorrow will be a another day a warm temperatures and then after that we will have showers by thursday. temperatures right now are at 64 degrees. this
9:20 am
is a great day to go to the coast if you have the day off. as you look at your satellite radar you can see that you and nothing going on it is a lot sun and blue skies. temperatures will be above average for not only this afternoon but for tomorrow as well. >> and noontime a lot of us will be in the '70s. let's put this into motion and by 3:00 p.m. the temperatures will be up to 80s. the coast will be looking at 70's and a couple places will get close to 80 degrees. 84 degrees in mountain view.
9:21 am
for our friends in the east bay there temperatures will be in the lower 80s. walnut creek will be in the lower 80s and 84 degrees will be far east into pittsburg. even ocean beach will be in mid-70s. this is actually a record high for today and a lot of them will be challenged. here is your beach forecasts. if you are one of the few lucky ones who have the day off you should go to the beach. temperatures will be topping off into the '70s and lore 80s as well. our kron 4 are around the bay forecast shows that it will be warm and sunny for a election day. you will see wednesday
9:22 am
will be are our transition day. i think by thursday morning we may see some showers coming through. the weekend is not looking too bad but it will be a lot cooler by the end of the work week. >> let's head back to our hot spot in san ramon. emergency crews are still wrapping up this overturn accident. at one point all three lanes were blocked but not accident is cleared and the lines are back open. coming out walnut creek it is backed up beyond 24. the good news is that the accident is out of the way and the traffic should start to move smoothly. for those of you who do plan to head
9:23 am
north bound we do have an accident in downtown oakland not too far from finished. it is also a construction zone. you are backed up beyond the coliseum and stretches back to san leandro to highway that stashe fasttrack. the bay bridge toll plaza is still a hot spot. this has definitely back up your ride. the san mateo bridge is working much better. it is still sluggish there. last but not least is a smooth ride across the golden gate bridge. >> we will get you going with all of the developing new news when we return.
9:24 am
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>> we have been tracking the cleanup from storm sandy. this next form should not be as bad as sandy but this is a computer model that shows it for late wednesday afternoon carry it looks like they are in for a another chance of damaging winds and rain. there will be some moderate flooding along the coast. it will be cold temperatures there and-- >> take a look at these images from google carry it before after sandy hit. in
9:28 am
new jersey that show what happened to. you can see all of the before and after images. it is 9:28 a.m. and we will be right back in a moment.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> let's take a live look at-- >and to paul ryan. >> dina has earned your support. are you going to help us win this? >> you are listening into
9:31 am
paul ryan. we are watching a tight senate race. the democratic party is trying to gain their best- >> you can also stay up-to- date on our web site at >> lookit this beautiful image and you can see there is blue skies and not a single cloud and the sky. there will be lots of sunshine and it will be very warm carry it even through tomorrow. it will feel very
9:32 am
mild outside. right now temperatures are in downtown san for cisco said 66 degrees.for downtown san frao was at 66 degrees. >> emergency crews are still wrapping up pack an accident. this is still a hot spot even though they have cleared up this accident. the good news is that all lanes are open. the accident once bought three lanes of traffic. let's see if we can back up the map and this is where the slow traffic starts. if this is
9:33 am
your commute you should make sure that you give yourself a lot of time. >> new this morning firefighters are still putting out a fire and they stated that it is suspicious. >> as you can see construction crews are out the. you can also see some of the workers on the scene. this is a fire that is considered to be suspicious due to good reasons. if there received a call about 11:30 p.m. last night and went crews or arrived there was smoke and flames inside of the place. they were able to knock down the flames quickly and stated that it only took 20 minutes. they noticed that there was a beer bottle with a suspicious liquid inside.
9:34 am
they call it a cocktail. it was outside of the solemn and obviously this led them to call the investigative unit. we had a chance to talk with him earlier and he talked about the kind of things that they will be investigating carry it >> we are working to determine what caused the fire was and where it actually started. we will be looking for any evidence that will indicate arson. >> the good news is that happened late last night and no one was inside no one was injured. you can also see nearby businesses and neither of these businesses sustained any damages. >> it is 9:34 a.m.. they
9:35 am
come they turned into a rescue mission because a boat was flipped and five people fell into the war. helicopters from the five and there were clinging to overturned boat. there were two children were trapped inside of the boat and they had to cut inside of it and make a hole to pull the children out. they took them to the hospital and they just had hyperthermia. no one on board was wearing life jackets. >> this vandalism that happened in the wake of the giants clinching the world series. there was so much destruction of people led to this bus on fire. muni turns out that will not receive any money in damages done to this bus. to make things
9:36 am
worse this particular but had already undergone a $3,000 facelift. >> we are learning more about a man who was killed due to being hit by a train carry it we know that he was from alameda county and that he fell from the catwalk. they stated that he was walking on tracks and he was struck and killed about 7:30 a.m. friday morning. this prompted them to shut the station down. there were delays widespread due to the morning commute. they are still investigating to why he was on the tracks. >> take a live look at 1 01. it is a bumper to bumper. san jose is at 63 degrees. it will be the low 80s are around 3:00 p.m. and then that will fall back down to the low 70's.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> it is now 9:40 a.m.. >> mitt romney is speaking live in virginia. let's take a quick look. >> more jobs is the answer for americans. the question for this election is do you want more of the next four years like the last four years? >> president obama promises change but he just could not do it. i not only promised change but i have a record of achieving it. i built a business, i helped turn around another business was in trouble. >> as you can see romney is in virginia and he is going to go to boston and he will
9:41 am
watch the returns coming. >> apparently residents displaced by super storm sandy will be allowed to vote via e-mail or by fax. this is the first time that civilians have been able to do this remotely. there are some security concerns but the state made this announcement to allow all these people were forced out of their homes to be able to cast their votes. there also led all of the emergency workers a chance to vote as well. you can bet that this will cause some headaches when it is time to count them. >> we have been talking mostly about the presidential race. we will have a big race for the control of the senate. right now in the senate there are 48 spots that are democratic. there are eight
9:42 am
seats up for grabs and the latest polls stated that this may split 4 to 4. the house of representatives are ssolidly republican. there are 33 seats up for grabs and it just not look like it will be democrats. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news continues.
9:43 am
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[ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. heading into the holidays you look for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, get a super low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! and charmin is $11.99 for 30 rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> will come back as we take a look at the elections. the campaign has been nonstop and four others is stated that it will never in. there are still a lot of memorable moments on kuwait. here is a recap of all of a memorable moments. >>
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
what a year it has been. let's do this all again in four more years spiri. we would tell you exactly what is happening live on air at >>good morning weather looks fantastic. today there will be a lot of sunshine and very warm conditions for this afternoon. beyond this rain
9:49 am
will arrive on thursday and it could impact part of your weekend. the temperature will be much cooler by the middle of the week. right now temperatures in mountain view are at 65 degrees. palo alto is in the mid '50s and napa but is this 65 degrees. radar shows that high pressure is in control and that means that we will see lots of sunshine. future cast shows that the yellowing indicate 70's. we put this into motion and by late this afternoon temperatures will be in the '70s and '80s. it will be a
9:50 am
warm to a very warm afternoon. your high to where you are at. it will be 87 and cupertino. it will be 84 in santa clara and the east bay will be a nice day as well. it will be 80 degrees for san leandro. 83 degrees for danville and concord. union city will be in the lower 80s. napa will be in lower 80s and even san mateo will get up to 84 degrees. downtown san francisco will be at 80 degrees. and i records will be challenged and quite a few will be definitely broken for today. the heat since run for another day and that wednesday it will be our transitional day. we do have another system coming through the will bring showers and by
9:51 am
thursday and friday. after saturday issue be sunny for rest of the weekend. you should enjoy the heat while glass. >it last. >> here it is right here the two middle lanes are blocked if you are coming from fremont. once again this is it not enjoy accident but the two middle lanes are blocks.this would definitely add to your back up. for those few heading north brown outside a san leandro into downtown oakland 680 is looking much better. traffic is starting to loosen the but is still stop and go on walnut creek. it we do have sluggish
9:52 am
traffic for 101 as you head out of san francisco. once you get past 92 is should smooth out. if you have fasttrack you can defilade save you some time. it is looking much better to what we saw earlier. the san mateo bridge is also looking much better. there are no problems in hayward making that connection toward 11. the ride across the golden gate bridge has been a nice this one. this has improved and a ride into san francisco should be fine. >> the breaking news that is happening now in jersey city is that a fire was burning. and now they are focused on some rescue efforts. >> this is to apartment buildings and both buildings
9:53 am
are three stories high. you concede there is a firefighter with injuries. this fire is burning out of control. we will be back and give you more in a minute.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> a another look at this apartment fire. as far fire was put in an ambulance with injuries. it is 23 story buildings which started in one and that led to the other one. they're working very hard to get control of this fire. if there are still dealing with cleanup efforts as well from super storms and it carry it >> we have been focused on the weather because we see this warm-up that we are facing today. 84 degrees for the highest inland spot today. finally we get cooler
9:57 am
weather to the middle of the week and you should enjoy the next couple of days. you have no reason to go tnot to goo the polls because the weather will be nice. >> five we will give you all the information on the local races and the propositions and the presidential election. we will start at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night on kron 4. we will see you later. have a good day.
9:58 am
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